Tooth Loss and Need for Replacement of Teeth among Adult Population attending Out Patient Department of Two Dental Colleges in Uttara, Dhaka: A Cross-sectional Study

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Shamima Easmin Nishi
Mohammad Khan
Sumaiya Jabin Yusufzai
Nafiz Bin Jamayet


Background: Oral health status is an integral part of total health; thus, an oral health affects general health by causing several sufferings such as pain associated with discomfort, modified chewing, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Objective: The objective was to determine the tooth loss and need for replacement of missing teeth among above 20 years old patient. Materials and Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was design to conduct in Bangladesh with a pretested modified questionnaire with the use of oral hygiene index by face to face interview with sample size 361. Statistical Package for Social Sciences 17 statistical software was used for analysis of all data. Results: The current study revealed that nearly one-third of the respondents were fit to age group 40-59 years (35%) where more than half belong to 20-39 years (65%). Most of the respondents were female (57%). Distribution of respondents by clinical sign and symptoms of TMJ, where the frequency of joint pain increased with decreasing number of posterior occluding pairs from 8% of the respondents having 7+ occluding pairs developed pain while nearly half (46%) having 1-2 occluding pairs had complained about pain. The majority of the respondents had the need for replacement (59.4%).
Conclusion: Results indicate that loss of teeth have a big impact on patient’s life. It reduced chewing ability, esthetic problem, and also TMJ disorder.

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Shamima Easmin Nishi, School of Dental Science, University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

PhD student, Department of orthodontic, 

Mohammad Khan, School of Dental Science, University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

PhD student, Department of orthodontic,

Sumaiya Jabin Yusufzai, Northern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Senior Lecturer, Department of orthodontic,

Nafiz Bin Jamayet, School of Dental Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Senior Lecturer, Department of Maxillofacial Prosthetics,