The Odon Childbirth Device: A Review

  • S Karpagalatha Samarth Nursing College, Dervan, Maharashtra, India
Keywords: Baby, Delivery, Head


Worldwide, more than 13 million births each year face serious complications, and every day about 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth (about 300,000 annually. The Odon device represents a promising novel way to potentially prevent these deaths and improve obstetrical outcomes for both mother and baby. In complicated deliveries, the device is positioned against the baby’s scalp and the lubricated sleeve is gently inserted around the baby’s head. Once a marker on the device indicates that it has been positioned properly, the inner compartment of the sleeve is inflated, providing a strong grip on the baby’s head. The inserter is taken away and the sleeve can be pulled with up to 19 kg (42 lb) of force to pull out the head and allow for delivery of the baby.